I Be a Virgin No More

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Nerco used to always compliment me on my outfits and call me his ‘wife’.  I liked it.  We ended up dating and then I ended up giving up my virginity to him.  We felt each other up a lot, fingering and tugging at each others privates.  The night I gave my virginity up I was with my friend Junior and we were at a party somewhere in Humboldt Park.  We started playing spin the bottle.  It was maybe six of us.  I was drunk out of my mind.  I was led by hand a few houses away from where we were at to the back of someone’s yard in their alley.  He laid me on the ground and started kissing me.  The next thing I know, my pants were down and his manhood was out of his pants.  It was huge.  That was the first time I ever saw one out.  He was hard as a rock.  I could feel my pussy tighten up out of fear.  She was scared and nervous that she wouldn’t perform right.  He buried his head between my thighs, kissing my lips.  I could feel him circulating his spit into the folds, as he gently nipped at my clit.  I felt dirty and started squeezing my legs together.  He raised up.  We started kissing again and then I felt a sharp pinch.  He was inside of me.  It felt like something was tearing inside of me.  I screamed out in pain.  I couldn’t even feel pleasure.  There we were getting it on in the alley.  It wasn’t anything that I had ever imagined.  I had always thought of the bed covered with rose petals with candles burning in the background.  The only thing that was illuminating the background was the damn street lights as it shined on my ass.  In fact, it shined so much that my best friend, Junior must have saw it too because he ran up on us in the mist of fucking.  All I heard was, “Ugh, Mya, how could you?”  When I looked up, Junior was hovered over us in shock.  I layed there in shock as he pumped and thrashed inside of me until he bust.  He did wear a condom, but I felt so dirty.  I mean, who has sex in a freaking alley?

I wasn’t a virgin anymore.  All, I kept playing back in my head was my friend catching us and running off as the pain and the cold concrete pressed up on my ass.  It wasn’t anything as exciting as my friend, Barbara had told me.  Who knew that years later my friend, Sara would lose her virginity to him too and I be in the room to witness it.


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