Indoctrinated Into Swinging

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images2When we got near the party, he could see that I was shaking in my skin.  He said, “Don’t worry.  It is going to be okay.”  I looked at him, saying, “okay”.  I felt that I could trust him.  They checked us off at the door to make sure we were on the list before letting us inside.  We had made up catchy names for ourselves that wouldn’t breach our real identity.  We rehearsed them in the car before going in.  I was Desire and he was Cane.  I called him my Big Daddy Cane.  Inside the door was a vestibule with a small table backed to the wall.  There were magazines spread out on the table.  To the right of it was a bathroom.  After checking us in, the host of the party introduced himself to us and gave us a tour of the place.  By mistake when reaching my hand out to meet his, I blurted out my real name.  Curtis looked at me in shock.  I slipped up.  He went along with Cane still.  He walked us into the living room.  It was pretty much open space, except for a coach sitting at the far end of the room.  In front a TV was playing porno films.  The volume was turned down low.  He walked us up a flight of stairs, showing us two bedrooms adjacent to each other, a bathroom and an outside area.  I held on tightly to Curtis hand.  We ended up downstairs after the tour, sitting on the couch.  A man came over to us to introduce us and upon reaching out his hand, Curtis blurted out his real name by mistake.  I started laughing hysterically like a hyena.  The man couldn’t understand why, but Curtis knew.  We had both blew our cover for the most part by getting too comfortable.   


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  1. Jess said,

    There’s a really funny chapter in Harmon Leon’s new book on swingers. The book is called, The American Dream. In the book he sets out to live the American Dream by walking in many different subculture’s shoes, such as pot farmers, carnies, bible-bangers, arms dealers. But the best chapter is the one on swingers. I’d highly recommend reading the book.

    You can check it out here on Amazon:

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