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images-2 I ordered an aphrodisiac called, Montezuma’s secret from a book that specialized in medicinal plant medicines and herbs. It is a nasty chocolaty drink made of trees and bark that was drunk by an Aztec Emperor. My boyfriend and I, at the time, experimented with it after it came in the mail. I was about 20 at the time, still living at home with my mama. Thank God she was at work. We were in the laundry room as I sat on the dryer sipping the tea. I boiled the pot, poured it over the herbs, let it sit, and strained it. It was bitter and nasty. We forced it down our throats like it was corn liquor. The effects didn’t come fast enough. We waited and waited. Then I felt a surge of energy embellish my groin area. We started fondling each other. I don’t know if it was the secret of Montezuma or the thought of it working, but something came over the both of us. I leaned, he dipped and we put a whole new name to drying clothes. WINK-WINK


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