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images1I remember at about eight years old, I experimented with a girl.  She was the neighbor’s granddaughter.  She didn’t come over much, just on the weekends.  It was like she had fire in her hair.  Her brown mocha toned skin matched her hair color. In school I remembered her being popular and a lot of guys liking her because of her long hair.  She had the texture of permed hair or of one who’s grandmother spent all Saturday night pressing it for church on Sunday.
One afternoon we ended up in the bathroom together.  She grabbed me by the hand, leading me up a short staircase that dropped up by the bathroom.  I was standing by the door that dropped us by the bathroom.  The door flung open.  She looked both ways, making sure the coast was clear and then started to wave me in.  When I got in there, she said, “lay down”.
The bathroom was painted baby blue.  I layed on the cold, bathroom floor, she climbed on top of me.  She started kissing me.  I was frozen.  We took off our clothes.  Our barely developed bodies, pressed up against each other as we stared into each other’s eyes with fear.  A few seconds went by and I pushed her off.  Her body crashed to the floor.  We both quickly got up and put our clothes on.  It was a matter of time anyway before her grandmother would probably come and kick it in.  From then I had a little crush on her.  I never thought of it as being bisexual” or a ‘lesbian’, I just was attracted to her.  There was no word for it.


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