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accused craigslist killer

accused craigslist killer

…By the end of the conversation I had confessed to him about my curiosity of being with a woman.  He suggested that I post an ad on NudeAfrica and Craigslist so that I could experiment with a woman.  The thought at first scared me. I didn’t know how to even go about looking for a woman.  I wanted to remain discreet.  It was hard enough getting a fucking man in New York, let alone a woman.  I decided to take his advice and post an ad on both sites.
“Bi-curious black woman looking for a black woman to have my first encounter with.”
I got a lot of hits from both sites.   A female emailed me a picture of her.  She had short, brown hair, brown skin and a nice shape.  I agreed to meet up with her.  I gave out my Hotmail and AOL email address and responded to several messages with her.
My friend came over that day not realizing that I had company coming over.  They ended up running into each other.  She called me saying she wanted to borrow my suitcase.  Right when she rung the doorbell to pick it up, I was trying to take a quick shower.  I had to let her in and I was running around trying to throw on some clothes.  From that she started being inquisitive.
“Where you going?  Uh, oh, you got a hot date?”
She was going in with 21 questions.  Before I could say a word, the doorbell rung.  It was the girl. What seemed like small talk turned into about ten minutes.  I was trying to give my hair down there a shape up and freshen up but it was hard with her over.  I refused to tell her, thinking that I would freak her out by telling her a woman was coming over and we were gonna eat each other out.  I told her I had a date and that is when the damn doorbell rang.
It was her at my door.  She didn’t look anything like the pictures.  It was someone completely different.  My eyes bugged out a little, but not to the point of her knowing.  I had the wrong girl.
She came in and my friend felt the signal in a way to leave.  We watched some TV.  She started to scoot over towards me more and more.  I could now feel her thigh pressing against mine.
“Are you Bi curious or a lesbian?”
“I am Curious.”

“I’m Lesbian.”
She moved her head towards mind and we started kissing on the lips.  I cupped my hands around her breast, caressing them in my hands.  We started rhythmically grinding on each other.  I unbuttoned her pants and proceeded to pull them down.  We started touching each other’s clits, rubbing it gently with each other’s fingertips.  I could feel my heartbeat out of control.  I took it upon myself to go down on her first.  I could smell her pussy.  She had a strong scent.  I figured I have seen enough porn movies to know how to eat pussy.  I stared dipping my tongue into the folds of her pussy and rolling my tongue around her clit, moving it fast and slow up the shaft.  She started moaning.  I spit on it, adding more lubrication to it and then started eating her again.  Her body started quivering and then she started holding me tighter.

On the second round of eating her out, I almost threw up.  I could feel the smell of pussy corroding the inside lining of my nose as I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit.  I wasn’t sure pussy was supposed to smell like that.  It didn’t smell of fish, but more like must.  Like she hadn’t showered before she came.  I could taste a full day’s of work resting inside her panties on her pussy.

After that she wanted to stay over a little while longer and grind on each other.  I didn’t like the sound or feel of pussy humping.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  It was unnecessary to pretend we had dicks when we didn’t.  She emailed me a few times after that wanting to come over and play with toys. The fact that I had already fucked her, she didn’t interest me anymore. Also, I never really got into my dildo, let alone moving up to strap on levels.  If I wanted dick, it was a phone call away.  To be honest, I didn’t even know the girl’s name.  I now know what it feels like to use a body and not feel anything for it.  As wrong as I felt inside, it felt a little empowering.


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  1. Fantasia said,

    You might enjoy my site. I tend to be more about two concenting adults but I like to keep it fresh ….
    Silly hookers …. I kept laughing at that. I have thought of reading my story in a video for YouTube. Don’t know if it would work.
    Have you done more girl on girl since?

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