Size Does Matter

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images1It seems like everything bad happens in threes, at least that is what they say about death.  I figured since they both started with a ‘D’ maybe there was some similarities in it.  I met small dick number three in Chicago during 2001.
I met him at a New Year’s Eve party at an Ethiopian Restaurant in Chicago.  I use to see this brotha around a lot around Ethiopian restaurants, but I never talked to him.  I was married at the time. He was short and thin, about 5’4 give or take.  He had big eyes, fine black hair and keen features.  His name was Haile.  He had a sister that was a Supermodel back in New York.  They looked exactly alike.  He was a musician.  He struck up a conversation with me after our long smiles with each other, since I was too shy to say anything.  From that point on, we talked and danced the whole night together until the night had ended.  We exchanged numbers and I went back to New York.  For eight months we talked to each other on the phone and whenever I came to Chicago we would link up and go out.  We really enjoyed each other’s company.  He made me feel like a young, schoolgirl again.  He was the perfect gentlemen when it came to paying for dates, opening up car doors and dishing out compliments.  Chivalry wasn’t dead with him.  I enjoyed his company a lot, but I had to incorporate sex into it somehow out of curiosity.  I mean after eight months, I got to thinking…  I was working on my documentary and searching for questions to ask the women I wanted to interview on sex.  He came up with, “What is the relationship between sex and God?”  I decided to use the question, but now it put the focus on sex and us.  Here we were talking about sex, bliss, orgasms and the likes.  I started pondering the possibilities with him.  In my mind he had to be good, passionate, and gentle.  I built up the whole sexual experience in my mind.  We decided to hook up the next time I came into town.
“It would be nice to experiment with you”, he told me.
We decided to rent a hotel.  I had on a stunning outfit that resembled a long shirt.  It was a green, blue and white, stripped dress that buttoned down in the front and hugged every inch of my body.  I knew it was banging by the car honks I got as I walked to his apartment from my car.  The wind was blowing in my face as if it was kissing me.  We ate Thai food and complimented each other.  I could feel my knees knocking under the table as the end was closing near.  When we got inside the hotel room the sun was just beginning to set, sending a yellowish orange tone in the room.  It looked like a typical hotel room.  Nothing fancy.  The carpet was brown, the walls were white and there was a queen-sized bed against the wall.  We stood in the middle of the floor and looked into each other’s eyes.  We started to gently touch each other’s bodies.  I grabbed the back of his head with one hand, while my other hand followed the outline of his body.  I felt his hand grab my bootie and then trail up to my breast.  I unbuttoned my dress and opened it up.  His eyes grew big like a hungry fox ready to attack me.  His shirt was off, baring the hair that encompassed his chest.  It was nice and smooth.  He left his boxer shorts on as we stood there in our underwear.  We led each other to the bed and laid down on it.  He turned the TV on.  The only thing on was porn.  He turned the volume down low.  He turned me over on the side.  I was facing the wall.  I could hear the sound of his boxers going across his skin as he took them off.  He unlatched the back of my bra.  I eased off my panties.  He put a condom on.  I couldn’t see the size or width of manhood.  I just went with the flow knowing that it would be good from the conversations we had previously.
I felt him moving back and forth as he held onto my left hip, but I couldn’t feel anything.  I didn’t know if he was inside of me or not.  From the movements he made and the sound effects of occasional “ugh” I assumed he was getting off.  There was no kissing, no hugging, no nothing.  I have always been a passionate person and kissing is my thing.  Usually that alone will make me cum if it is long, wet and sensuous.  I wasn’t in the mood to fake an orgasm.  I was silent, praying that it would soon be over.  I felt like a two dolla hoe.  About five minutes passed and he was yelping.  His body stopped moving.  Then I could hear a small, soft voice invade the room.
“Did you cum?”
There I was stranded with the moment of reality and illusion.  I went with reality.

“No”, I said.  The silence set again.  We got dressed and went back to our homes.  The next day, I went underground.  There were no more phone calls or even answering the phone.  I let the curiosity of it kill my cat once again.  This saddened me because I really enjoyed his company.  I wish we wouldn’t have had sex.  It was better that way.  I was contempt with his companionship.  I wanted my card revoked…


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