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imagesThere were more men than women that worked with me on the job.  I had never worked around so many men before.  My mind was starting to play tricks on me.  There were at least five guys on the job I wanted to do.  I found it hard to work around all these men.  I mean who wanted to be known for doing the whole team?  I quickly put my hand in the air.  I was down for the challenge.  That changed after I met this guy I like to call minute-man.  We worked on a dirt slope together somewhere in Washington Heights, helping each other pass bags up the hill.  We joked around with each other about being exhausted and he told me, “I have a lot of stamina”.  “Oh, really”, I said.  “So, you not a one minute brotha then?”  He started laughing, showing off the big teeth, I had always had a weakness for.  We spent the rest of the day working and flirting with each other.  By the end of our conversation, I knew I wanted to fuck him.  He could definitely get it.  My curiosity about us having sex had gotten the best of me.  I can’t remember how we hooked up finally, but we started spending time with each other after work hours.  We had good energy with each other, but it never would last that long.  As soon as he got in, he got out.  I practiced my kegel exercises on him; gripping the muscles inside real tight as if stopping myself from peeing. I don’t know if this was making him cum so fast or what.
He was a pot head just like me.  The most interesting thing about him was that we would smoke a blunt together while having sex.  It became a game of who could keep the blunt lit, puff after puff, hand-to-hand.  It was easy for me to do, it wasn’t like he was eating me out or we were going for hours upon hours.  There were even times when the blunt would outdo us both.  After our little 2-minutes of action, the blunt would still be lit.  Imagine that, the blunt got more action that me.  At least the blunt got a taste of his mouth embracing on it as he took his puffs.  This is the reason for his nickname, “minute-man.”  I was a little pissed that he had lied to me.  I could sense that he was a one minute man from the jump and I ignored my female intuition.


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